Space Academy

Thank you, Andy Mangles for allowing me to work on the DVD project.  This pic is a gift he sent me! 


Update: He has previewed the site and told me I cannot use this picture because he did not like what he saw, claiming I was taking "cheap shots" at him on the Filmation page, which has been edited since then, partly at his strong negative reaction. So, as promised, I have removed this gift at his request.

At this time (August 2009), there is little to report that the Space Academy DVDs did not cover. 

Jonathan Harris, unfortunately is gone.  All his stories and potential are only memories and longing.  He is missed.

Peepo lives in Lou Scheimer's office, at last report.  And rumor has it that he's close to Oscar !?!

Lou Scheimer is hard at work at Lou Scheimer Productions.

Maggie Cooper prefers to stay under the radar.

Ty Henderson is still around, but in a conversation I had with Andy Mangles (the DVD producer) three years ago, Mr. Henderson was concentrating on staying healthy.  He continues to keep a hand in the film industry, possibly behind the camera.

Pamelyn Ferdin's website pretty much explains what she's been up to.  I exchanged a few emails with her several years ago.  It seemed that unless she was able to promote her campaign to protect animals, she wasn't much interested in engaging in this project.

Eric Greene allowed me to interview him via phone.  His information about the series, the cast, characters and production came from young eyes.  He was gracious and I appreciate his availability.  When I sent him a hard copy of the interview, I also sent Las Vegas Hilton room keys that were Star Trek themed, as a 'thank you'.  I hope he liked them, since he collects ST memorabilia--and didn't get the wrong idea! 

Ric Carrott remained a mystery.  My research took me from acting to waste management.  The DVD filled in the most recent endeavors--something with computer technology.

Lastly, Brian Tochi.  From acting/voice work to directing, I discovered details about this man's heart and passion for others that was verified in several emails.  At his request, I agreed not to go into much detail about some of these: he not wanting recognition, and, I'm guessing, not wanting fans to interrupt his other work.  Brian was the first cast member who responded to my query, almost ten years ago.  His questions and information led me to the right answers, and subsequently, led to the development of this website.

To Brian and Eric, Thank You.

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