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Brian Tochi 

The Past

Brian Keith Tochi and Pamelyn Ferdin have worked together before.  But that was a long time ago in a galaxy populated with Star Trek fans (he also appeared many years later in ST:NG, "Night Terrors" which is something Ms. Ferdin and he do not share).  But Mr. Tochi is no stranger to the stage.  He hosted his own show, Razzmatazz, which was a Reading Rainbow wannabe and later did a few Channel One News shows as host (unverified-even Channel One News has no listing on him-but does on Maggie Cooper!).  Brian has been a guest/character actor on everything from Hawaii Five-O to Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.  One ancient website listed his birth date as 1964--this seems fantastic as he would have been very young when Hawaii Five-O was aired.  Several sites list his birth year as 1959.  You decide.

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Tochi (pronounced, Toe-Chee) is also a tree found in Japan

Aesculus turbinata Blume - Japanese horse chestnut-Tochi-no-ki. 



Wikipedia* states this is his original last name.  It lists that he graduated from High School in 1977.  This means he had just graduated when filming for Space Academy started. 

*And we know everything on the internet is true...

You Look Marvelous!

With his boyish, handsome, and exotic looks, he was a natural to be cast as the playboy, Tai, on the soap, Santa BarbaraTy Henderson and Ark II's, Terry Lester, found their way on that series, as well.  So, Brian has run into friends through the years-many of whom ended up, in one way or another, working for Filmation.  And he still has time to have lunch with Space Academy alumni Eric Greene and Pamelyn Ferdin. 

As a Ninja Turtle or doing voice-over work (cartoons, video games), Brian Tochi is a visibly recognized actor, but his voice is unmistakable.  I spoke with Brian over the phone, and his voice is as potent over fiber optics as it is when he does animated works. 

Other Interests

He ventures in areas other than acting.  I came to find out that Brian likes to assist young people in ventures most people might avoid.  Giving and supporting others seems to be a common theme for this gentleman.  Brian Tochi believes in giving his time for causes dear to him.  He has been involved in calling sick children through an organization of actors who volunteer their time called, Famous Phone Friends.  Imagine getting a call from a Ninja Turtle!

One other (there are many more!), endeavor to help others involves an organization that assists in finding help for Asians with specific diseases.  Giving to others seems to be a trademark for this actor.  He is an entrepreneur with diverse, humanitarian interests.


Wonder Woman Episode                                   Adam 12                                           June 83 16 Magazine

Mr. Tochi has branched from actor to director & writer working with Roderick Stevens on Tales Of A Fly On The Wall ("Kip Saves the Planet" and "Finger Lickin' Good").  Filmography sites list his extensive accomplishments, but one of the biggest accomplishments for this actor, in my book, is that he not only possesses great comic timing, but he's just a heck of a nice guy and very different from the two dimensional character given to him by Filmation.  I recently studied the video, Stitches, and here again is the tender spirit wanting to help others.  A movie character?  Perhaps.  After the research I've done, I think he brings this to his acting purposely--inserting deeper messages/agendas.  Brian, you did an admirable job portraying Tee Gar on Space Academy.  Thank you.


Tochi noted in Renegades

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