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2.  "Castaways In Time And Space"

On the most basic level, the educational requirement of the series (because it is aimed at children, FCC law requires that shows have some redeeming value...) gives us a literal (if not minimal) definition of a black hole thanks to Paul, who is formally introduced in this episode as being on the team-and not necessarily a team player.  Interestingly enough, in this episode, Gampu gives brother and sister 'permission' to mindlink with each other.  Because of this experiment, the Seeker Gampu and Laura are in becomes sucked into a black hole, the link is broken and brother disobeys orders to rescue his sister.  If he was reprimanded, it was never mentioned.

There were creative attempts at video/camera work that was ground breaking for the 1970's.  It was not as professional as it could have been, partly because of budget and time factors, but it was an important element for Space Academy's Filmation company to try anyway.


Who was the "roar" of the monster?

One of the characters says, "It's just a matter of time," (indicating the search for Loki's home planet).  Were the writers already planning a next season? 

Did the writers predetermine that Seeker 3 would be the doomed Seeker, every time it was used?  (And miraculously resurrected, as needed?)

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