Space Academy  

Character and Actor Bios

Commander Gampu 

Jonathan Harris

Mentor, guardian and can sing a bonney sea chantey!

Captain Christopher Gentry 

Ric Carrott

Brother to Laura.  Both have 'special' powers.

Lt. Laura Gentry 

Pamelyn Ferdin

Sister to Chris.  Thinks fast on her feet.  

Lt. Paul Jerome 

Ty Henderson

Pilot, astrographer, newest older youth member of the Blue Team.

Dr. Tee Gar Sume 

Brian Tochi

Super strength is his special ability.  Doesn't like to take out the trash. 

Lt. Adrian Price-Jones 

Maggie Cooper

She likes Chris, alot.  Responsible for discovering Loki!


Eric Greene

"Everyone's mascot".  He has his own special abilities!


Sidekick to both Gampu and Loki.  A good listener.

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