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4.  "Countdown"

Tee Gar cops an attitude, a surprise for us viewers, and Gampu verbally reduces him to just short of cadet peon status while reminding us that he is a full Fellowed doctor.  In this episode we find that "The Academy is all things to all people" and that includes playing target practice with the trash left from a two hundred year old Vegan war.  In the process, the Blue Team finds and boards part of an intact Vegan space ship where they find, Roarg, a Vegan (George DiCenzo) in cryogenic suspension.  He has some surprising powers of his own!  But team work prevails over prejudice when danger threatens the Seeker and everyone learns a lesson in tolerance, including a humbled Tee Gar.

We see more of the video/slow motion camera work that made this show a lot of fun.  We also get to witness Tee Gar's super human strength and both his and Loki's non-advertised ability: 'freeze' in one position while the cameras role.  A little bit of gadgetry is seen--a screwdriver! and some kind of medical device that looks extremely complicated yet uses a toggle switch.  Part of the draw in this episode is that the viewer gets a glimpse of Space Academy's time-line and past history, one of the few hints we ever get about how humans and aliens got along.     

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