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"The Survivors of Zalon"

Sound quality:  Very sensitive, it picks up every mouth noise.

Who is the voice of Zalon?

My imagination?  Tee Gar had 4 lines.  The script shows 1 line with another taken from another character and given to him.


"Hide & Seek"

Noticeable wire attached to the cup Laura uses.

Loki's levitation was a pretty good indication that whoever was on the pulley gave it a pretty hard jerk.  Floor to air in 1 second.

When Paul disappears, the VHS versions showed it as more pixilated.  The DVDs seemed to correct this.  The VHS version is better, and more indicative of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future's EFX.  I still maintain that Paul's acting influenced the EFX people on Captain Power.

Chris's command moves the entire Academy asteroid!

Tee Gar's lines are so negative. 

When Loki is on top of the Seeker, mechanical equipment not normally seen is in the shot. 

The stars in Loki's eyes... really was a basic EFX. 

Loki's Lyratron is only seen in this episode and "The Survivors of Zalon". 



The opening credits scene comes from this episode.

Blooper?  Notice Tee Gar's shadow on the back door of the Rescue Seeker.

Nice to know that old-style tools are still needed in space.  Have screwdriver, will travel?

Watch Paul's reactions when Gampu chastises Tee Gar in the first scene.

Hands-On: Lots of touching of the cadets in this episode :)

Roarg has big hands compared to Tee Gar's.

Cool shot through the front window of the Seeker into the Seeker.

Story Flaw:  "The ship [Vegan] could be booby-trapped!"  So they let a little kid lose to explore?

                    The frozen Vegan can even move after being in suspension that long?

                    Peepo blows a circuit !?!


"There's No Place Like Home"

" Academy team..."  Does this suggest more than one team?

The ceiling panels in the corridors reflect who is coming and going just a second before they appear.  (Yes, this IS trivial...)

Gampu states he's spoken to the "Federation".  If this was a Star Trek for kids, is this the same Federation?

Loki breaks the POV by winking at the camera.  Thanks, writers.

Most unnecessary gesture:  The "shhhh" to Laura while tracking the creature in Bay 3.

Prop-Tart:    MX5 is so volatile but a Dixie Cup will secure it?

Story Flaw:  There's a big footprint and they find a rabbit.  No one thought that was odd?

                    The shot of Seeker 3 already looks scorched, before it explodes.

                    The cadets rescue Kane by barging into toxic air?  Doesn't the hole in the side compromise the pressure?


"The Rocks of Janus"

If the two rocks come from the Sagittarius System, that gives us a semi-current location for the Space Academy.

Story Flaw:  Since we know the Academy can move, why don't they just move the asteroid to avoid the rocks?

                    How does Adrian know that Ergo is in shock?  Shock waves?

Who is the voice of Targ?


"Monkey Business"

The monitor is in an unmarked cabinet.  Nice set-up.

Did Ric Carrott do his own stunt?

Story Flaw:  How can there be steam on a dry planet?

                    Since there is no sound in space, the Seeker makes a lot of noise.

This brings an interesting question: Since there is no sound in space, when the team uses a Life Support Badge, how do they hear each other?


"Phantom Planet"

The viewer sees the first ghost of the series.

Seekers do shock diamonds !?!

Odd that Chris won't check with Gampu when Laura suggests it, but will do it when Tee Gar suggests it.

The cave is the same cave in "Castaways"

Is that a gold-leaf covered football?

The creature is referred to as a "he".  "He" is rather tall and has thin ankles.  "He" breaks POV by bowing to the camera.

Gampu talks to the creature during the sťance.  However, he spoke to his brother, Sunseed, as well ["Johnny Sunseed"]  Does he have special powers?  Personally, I think he does.

I've always wondered, what is that black thing behind Chris and Laura (sitting at the table)?

Love the reverse camera work with Chris and Laura 'teleporting' to the phantom planet.


"Planet of Fire"

John Berwick is seen as an extra.

Seeker 3 makes another appearance.

Dramon runs like a girl.  (Sorry, Don Pedro :)

Reused shot of seeker flying through asteroid debris seen in "The Phantom Planet".

Blooper:      Debris thrown into the scene is toward the explosion.

Story Flaw:  Laura's hands should have been frozen to the beaker--ever lick metal in the winter?

                    The contents of the beaker are very blue.  The frozen result just looks like ice.

                    Tee Gar's device uses "unstable and incompatible" chemicals.  Why would he do this?  He's a scientist; he'd never compromise.

                    There needs to be "complete radio silence"?  That must be an unstable beam.


"Life Begins At 300"

Lt. Commander Brooks came from the Bronx.

Who was really in the space suit?

Seeker 3 makes another appearance.  It sure breaks down a lot.

Wouldn't Seekers have oxygen (to administer to Paul) as standard equipment?

The Paula Wagner school of acting indicates that crappy things may never be said straight to the recipient.

Blooper:  Paul is shown with the group watching Gampu rescue Gina Corey, then shows up a bit later as just having been released from sickbay.

Story Flaw:  The scene with Gampu "talking" to the injured Peepo is out of sequence.  Gampu already gave Chris Gentry his retirement notification letter.


"The Cheat"

Gampu warns Matt Prentiss that he has to conform to "our" rules.  Does that mean he has to obey different rules, like at a different school or ship?

Once the Seeker landed on the planet, why did the girls even leave the protection of the ship since they had no function?

Tee Gar is not only strong, he's one tough dude!  He's injured, no one sees to his injuries, and he drags Matt Prentiss to the ship.

Who did Berwick's stunt?

How can man-made machinery + asteroid = a "natural" sun?

Love how John Berwick's character shows stress through his voice.

Blooper:  The group crawls to the distributor, but when the girls go back to the ship, they just stand up and walk off.


"My Favorite Marcia"

Diamonds on some planets come already faceted.

Who (or what) makes the sound for the two robots "beeping" at each other?

Gampu and Marcia Giddings had a love/hate relationship.  I'd bet the actors had a blast with this episode. 

Blooper:  The actor's footsteps can be heard on the sound stage, but the set is sand.

                Loki knocks on the rock, and it sounds hollow.

Story Flaw:  How did Loki and Peepo sneak off the Seeker without Paul knowing it?


"Space Hooky" 

Chris Gentry has been under arrest before in The Cheat.  Both brother and sister have the honor of being arrested in this episode (Chris-2/Laura1).

Tee Gar's "duties as assigned" apparently encompass making arrests.  This is the second time in the series he gets to be a deputy.

Paul and Gampu hold hands.  Quaint.

Those skirts are short. 

Almost a Blooper:  Chris tires not to laugh while trying to get back into the Control Room, presumably when Paul says, "I'm Paul, now!"

Story Flaw:  Come on, Seeker joy-riding?


"Star Legend"

Chris has side burns.

The puppet/scary face is reminiscent of a Star Trek episode with the little kid on the ship all alone.

Why does Loki carry a huge lollipop?

When Chris and Laura discuss power sources on the Academy and in the Seekers, Chris says they are "Recycled nucleonic systems."  Does that mean they are radioactive? 

Did Howard Morris do the voices for this episode?  Since he's known for this, it would make sense.

The cast pronounced Captain Rampo's name differently throughout the episode: Rampo vs. Rampo. 

The green set was lighting?

Reverse camera work.

Damn those Seekers are powerful.  A laser destroys Captain Rampo's ship!

Adrian should get an award for prissing across a room "to take a seat".

Story Flaw:  Why doesn't the team just take a Seeker instead of the entire Academy?

                    Chris disobeys a direct order from Gampu, but no one challenges it.

Blooper:  The team blasts through the door to get into the interior.  Then, once done, just march in.  Were the edges that cool?

                Same door:  They just blasted it, but it's suddenly intact when they meet Rampo and greenish steam rises through it.


"Johnny Sunseed"

The viewers get a rare look at the Academy from the top, down.

Reused footage of the Seeker being pushed/pulled by a presser beam; the script calls for a "tractor beam".

Fracture's voice was?

Peepo expresses boredom/exasperation, "Oh..." in this episode

Story Flaw:  The crew should not have been able to hear the Seeker buzzing the Academy from the Control Room.


Notice any Bloopers/Story Flaws not in the lists?  Contact me and I'll add them, once verified.

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