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Eric Greene

Eric Greene is now a much older and wiser fellow living on Earth/Northern Hemisphere/Pan North America/United States/California.  He graduated with a degree in Law from Stanford University.  Eric is an author as well as a policy analyst for an organization concerned with human rights, dignity and discrimination issues.

I spoke with him several months ago and found him to be helpful and pleasant, his voice surprisingly an older version of what I would think Loki's would be twenty years later!  He told me he was amazed that people would remember Space Academy or his character.  When asked (okay, more like grilled) about life on the set in 1977 he had many stories but none of the insight I was hoping for.  As he would pointedly remind me in various ways throughout the interview, he was doing his job and having too great a time playing on a space ship set to be aware of those kinds of things. 

And a fine job he did at that.  Eric was no veteran actor with years of experience like the others, but he had been acting in commercials and had just finished a play when Filmation producers saw a picture of him and, according to Eric, liked his exotic features. 

    "They were having trouble casting the part of Loki and they saw this picture of me.  Here I was, this swarthy skinned kid with this head of curly, crazy hair...they brought me in to audition for the part and pretty much offered it to me on the spot."

Eric's favorite episodes were, "There's No Place Like Home" and "Monkey Business".  He thought Mother Nature's, Dena Deitrich, was a very nice person and enjoyed the episode, "My Favorite Marcia".  He reports she was a lot of fun and very nice to him. 

"There's No Place Like Home" was an episode packed with special meaning to Eric.  He remarked that years later Star Trek:DS9 had done a similar type of episode when Odo's people wanted him to betray the Federation and rejoin the Dominion.  Eric thought it ironic that this same theme would be repeated.

As for why "Monkey Business" was so interesting, he thought it was great fun to work with the chimpanzee, Jake.  Then he revealed that he had been a huge Planet of the Apes fan as a kid and later would write a social commentary based on the series*.  He may have been unaware, but one of the guest stars, Don Pedro Colley, was in Planet of the Apes 2.  Little Eric Greene would have been really excited!

He is sometimes confused with the actor, Meno Peluce (Voyagers).  After Space Academy finished production in the summer of 1977, Eric went on to play in various movies, one of his favorites was playing King Tut in Ron Howard's, Through the Magic Pyramid.  He has done voice-over work (Fat Albert Special, commercials, radio, film) and a list of other endeavors.  He promised he'd send a list. 

 But Eric Greene grew interested in civil rights and law and found himself moving away from acting.  He still keeps in contact with Brian Tochi and Pamelyn Ferdin, and had a chance meeting with Ty Henderson the opening day of Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan.  Several years ago, Eric said he made the trek to a convention where Jonathan Harris was appearing just to see him and give him a very special present.

*Planet of the Apes As American Myth: Race, Politics, and Popular Culture by

Eric Greene and Forward by Richard Slotkin.

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