Space Academy

Guest Appearances


1.  "Survivors of Zalon"...technically, Paul (Ty Henderson) and Loki (Eric Greene) would be the featured guests. 

2.  "Castaways In Time And Space"...the rather large creature found in the black hole on the back-water planet, sans water.

3.  "Hide And Seek" guests unless you count the Space Academy itself.

4.  "Countdown"...our Vagan, Roarg (George Di Cenzoa).  He could give us all some acting lessons.  Find out why!

5.  "The Rocks Of Janus"...the voices for Ergo and Targ are not listed.  As Filmation did a lot of the background work themselves; the voices may actually be that of Space Academy's producer Lou Scheimer and his daughter, Erika. 

6.  "Planet Of Fire"...Dramon (Don Pedro Colley).  A Planet of the Apes II veteran actor!

7.  "The Cheat"...Matt Prentiss (John Berwick).  Mr. Berwick shows up in (non-credited?) monster roles in Jason of Star Command and has an important historical role in JoSC as well.  He is pictured and mentioned in a Starlog 10 article when the show first came out.  Matt Prentiss is the only true cross-over character to be in both Space Academy and Jason of Star Command.

8.  "Life Begins At 300"...Gina Corey (Paula Wagner).  Ms. Wagner is currently a film producer with Tom Cruise; Cruise-Wagner Productions, Paramount Pictures.  They were responsible for Mission Impossible 2 and Vanilla Sky.

9.  "My Favorite Marcia"...Marcia Giddings (Dena Dietrich).  You remember Mother Nature from the butter commercials, don't you?  How about that famous Robot?  Is this the same one from Lost In Space?  Hey, didn't I see him on Ark II, too?

10.  "Space Hooky"...We have the voices of two children, 'Var' and 'Taka', and one adult, 'Father'; physically represented as little colored dots of light.  No one is listed in the credits for the voices.  They could have utilized the voice acting talents of John Berwick, Ty Henderson and/or Brian Tochi since they were right there on the set!  On the other hand, they could have been generated by E.C.S. as Peepo's voice was listed on the credits.  But, if you decided it was the father-daughter Scheimer team, you'd be correct.  She used technology of the day to create Peepo.

11.  "There's No Place Like Home"...Kane, the Vicron intruder,  (Larry Dobkin) and, 'Jumpin' Jupiter', the rabbit.  (There was also a very large monster, uncredited.)    Mr. Dobkin's bio and professional credits are impressive.  Check out <> (internet media data base) and be amazed!  Eric Greene told me this was a very special episode for him.

12.  "Monkey Business"...Professor Jasper Bolt (Arnold S. Soboloff) and, 'Jake', the monkey.  We never knew, but this man could sing and dance with the best 'hoofers' on Broadway!

13.  "The Phantom Planet"...The Creature.  Who is that person/creature dressed up in strips of black trash bags?  Who ever it was has very thin ankles.

14.  "Star Legend"...Captain Rampo (Howard Morris) plays the 1600 year old captain of an almost identical Space Academy.  There seems to be quite a controversy about the character's name.  Is it Rampo? or Rampo?  The entire episode abounds with each character taking a stab at this poor man's name.  I have to think it was some kind of inside joke as each time Chris Gentry says it, it is said differently, with a slight smirk each time.

15.  "Johnny Sunseed"...Johnny Sunseed (Dallas McKennon) and, Fracture, the bird (A cockatiel or something.  It's a bird, and it likes Peepo...).  Mr. McKennon is no stranger to the acting industry.  A gentleman in New York is currently documenting Dallas McKennon's career.  Look for it in print soon. 

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