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John Berwick

"The Cheat"


Mr. Berwick's role of Matt Prentiss is the only cross-over role from Space Academy to Jason of Star Command (JoSC).  His slender build and youthful looks allowed him to transform from extra to actor with ease.  The real story of Mr. Berwick's involvement in both series is that he not only created Prentiss's character, but was an extra on the JoSC, as well.  A favorite picture comes from the Starlog 12 issue where he is helping Peepo "rehearse" the manudroid's lines.  On the Space Academy set, he functioned as script supervisor, stand-in, and one source indicated he did on-the-spot script re-writes, too.  It would not be surprising to learn that he also dabbled in production efforts on the series, but the exact nature is unverified.  I've spent hours in research and trying to locate Mr. Berwick to verify this information and to ask for an interview, which I'd still love to do, btw... 

Mr. Berwick utilized his Filmation connections working on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as a voice artist and a writer (for one episode).  John Berwick is also the voice of 'Rex Ruthless' in High Hero; part of the Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam (1981).  He was also a story developer for, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, series (1983-1986). The episode?  "Golden Disks of Knowledge".   

And didn't I see him on an episode of Buck Rogers? 

According to the DVD interview, he would love to do more acting. 

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