Space Academy


Don Pedro Colley

"Planet of Fire"


This actor that creates memorable characters, often with few words and carefully crafted acting.  I believe he is the consummate character actor.  Why?  In my interview with Mr. Colley, he states that his roles were often one-shots, so he only had a short amount of time to develop the character and make him convincing for the viewer.  This challenge was met time and again in his career.  Though known most for the hard-line, no non-sense, little-goes-as-planned, "Sheriff Little", his list in imdb is impressive.  (I specifically enjoyed his role in Daniel Boone, 1969.)  He makes time for conventions (various Sci-Fi, Dukes of Hazard) and attended 2009 Comic Con.

At 6'4, his towering, stern visage alone gave viewers immediate concern in his portrayal of "Dramon" (several websites site it as "Dramos").  Colley has few lines, yet he doesn't need copious amounts of dialog to make his character convincing.  While the science of this episode is dubious, this actor's "Dramon" is a solid addition to the Space Academy list of friends.


Read my interview with Don Pedro Colley in The Illuminata, Tyrannosaurus Press, September 2003, Inner Views I.

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