Space Academy

The Vegan, Roarg

George Di Cenzo



All in the family... here's another actor with close ties to Filmation!  He's done series work (his own), guest starring on the likes of NYPD Blues and even Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  Voice work, television, film, and stage, Mr. Di Cenzo's no slouch.  He is known for his memorable characters, and for other actors, as mentor and teacher.  Last I heard of him, he was doing acting workshops in the NorthEast somewhere. 

Almost 70 now (you do the math), this seasoned veteran graced Space Academy with his portrayal as a Vegan (not to be confused with the vegetable eaters) from the 3rd. Star War.  Roarg had his own special powers, but I was mesmerized by his authoritarian voice and stern posture.  Though my favorite oddity involved him when he threatens Laura, then uses his cape to usher her past him to go to the Seeker.  Almost charming; chivalrous.  His skill commanded the viewer's attention from our first encounter with him.  Maybe it was the makeup, the cloak, or he was just darn right handsome?  (Sorry, girlie moment.)  He was an excellent character for Tee Gar to work with..  Watching the siblings argue with him was quite realistic.  Nice job, Mr. Di Cenzo (some sources have it as: Dicenzo)...    


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