Space Academy

Marcia Giddings

Dena Dietrich   

"My Favorite Marcia"


Ask anyone born after 1972 and they can not tell you who this actress is.  Pity.  Of all the commercials she appeared in, the 'butter' commercial where she plays, Mother Nature, is the most memorable and likely, often quoted of most of the ones aired in the 70's. 

Eric Greene, Loki, found her to be a lot of fun.  He reports that she was 'kind' to him and patient.  He liked her humor and that she laughed, a lot.


Dena Dietrich continues to have an outstanding career.  From commercials to television, Ms.Dietrich's acting opportunities doesn't stop at the big (or little) screen.  She's done stage acting (Grief and Recovery) and provided(s) character voice-overs for King of the Hill.  Gampu's implied love interest, too bad he couldn't handle her bubbly personality.  She would have livened up the Space Academy with her high-jinks.  Loki would be having a great time! 


   Some great screen captures of Dena from "Mojo Rising".


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