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The Vicron, Kane

Larry Dobkin

"There's No Place Like Home"


Larry Dobkin played the duplicitous villain, Kane, the Vicron intruder, to Loki's trusting innocence in "There's No Place Like Home".  Playing a shape-shifting resident of Loki's home planet, Dobkin was dressed in large clothes and greenish make-up.  His ability to play the hero and the villain made him a favorite of Eric Greene, Loki, who fondly remembers this episode as being a parallel to his own life.

Mr. Dobkin was no stranger to the acting profession.  He has done it all:  off-Broadway, radio, television, movies, directing, writing.

This versatile actor played the role of detective, Ellery Queen (one of five actors who have played that role), was a semi-regular on I Love Lucy, westerns, even NYPD Blue.  But acting was only one of his many talents.  He directed many shows from 1960's to 1980's.  Some of the shows he directed were the likes of "Charlie's Angels" and even "Dr. Kildare".  In 1976 he wrote the screenplay for "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams".  He even won an Emmy in 1967 for his efforts as a supporting actor in the movie, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night" for CBS Playhouse.  His talents were many and wide reaching. 

Unfortunately, Larry Dobkin preceded Jonathan Harris in death on October 28, 2002.  His life and his work was a tremendous testimony to the acting profession.  While only making one guest appearance on Space Academy, his acting created a vehicle for viewers to see and experience life at the Academy vividly.  Thank you, Larry.

Larry Dobkin


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