Space Academy

Johnny Sunseed

Dallas McKennon

"Johnny Sunseed"

If Gampu needed a feisty brother, this actor nailed the part of Johnny Sunseed.  He, too, is a Filmation repeat offender, as well as Disney Corporation.  His back-woodsy style and strong nose that overshadowed his full, bushy beard made his part of Sunseed almost over the top--and that was just the visual image!  When he spoke, there was no doubt that Gampu'd have to fight for every inch of common ground with this bird-toting, some might say, "rude", individual.  His voice was as loud as Gampu's, unless you count, "Fracture" (a strange name for anything) squawking and bothering Peepo. 

Mr. McKennon was an unforgettable character actor who made unforgettable characters like Gumby, Archie and Buzz (Buzzard)--just to name a few.  He could sing, too.  His voice graces Epcot Center's, Ben Franklin (as of this writing).  The news of his passing on July 14th. flashed the nets and many tributes have already posted, one believes there should be a statue made in his honor.


Tony, the Tiger, we'll miss you!  You were Greeeeaat!

Dallas McKennon

1919 - 2009

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