Space Academy

Professor Jasper Bolt

Arnold S. Soboloff

"Monkey Business"


Never, never have I wanted to throttle an actor like Mr. Soboloff's Professor Jasper Bolt!  His sniveling and whining and was so obnoxious, I marvel that the cast didn't crack up constantly while "Monkey Business" was filmed.  And yet, his apology at the end of the episode almost made up for his shenanigans, allowing the nobler spirit of a true professor and human to slip through.  If the yin and yang of emotions was this actor's forte, he was brilliant.

The balding Soboloff was 47 when he created this memorable character.  The first of the guest stars to pass away, his career and talents graced our televisions with richness and depth.  If he had lived longer, I believe he would have been one of those character actors everyone sees, but no one knows the real name of--very familiar and a comfortable part of our lives.  I enjoyed his acting in Space Academy, immensely. 

Arnold S. Soboloff

1930 - 1979

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