Space Academy

Gina Correy

Paula Wagner

"Life Begins at 300"

Her not-stage-name, is Paula Kauffman, and she knows just about everybody in the acting industry.  When Space Academy aired in 1977, she was working on stage and screen to further her acting exposure.  Somewhere along the way, she changed course and represented actors, instead.  Her partnership with Tom Cruise ( Cruise/Wagner Productions) gave us the Mission Impossible movies, and many more.  With ties to United Artist and Creative Artist Agency (through her husband), this Carnegie Mellon School of Drama trained actress has a lot of talent and business smarts!

Ms. Wagner's role of Gina Corey, typifies the Mensa-science-mind that I find in Professor Parsafoot from Jason of Star Command: demanding,  knowledgeable, but not always using common sense or manners.  (No insult to Mensa people intended--but you already knew that, huh?.)  Paula Wagner played this role almost too well, she's that good.

Ms. Wagner has dabbled in stage scripts, and according to Wikipedia, was a juror at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival.  

Of the guest stars, only she and two others still grace the planet with us.



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