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3.  Hide And Seek

While the perimeter shields are being repaired, all available Seekers are on patrol searching for anything that might collide with the Space Academy.  One slips by on Loki's watch and the Blue Team members in the Seeker attempt to destroy it.  When they return to the Academy, they find the facility is still there, but the students are gone.  Gampu, Paul, Loki, Laura and Peepo search through the Academy for the reason, but vanish one by one.  Peepo saves the day; all the students reappear and academy life goes back to normal.

One of my favorite episodes, we see for the first time Laura Gentry not only get told to calm down by Paul when she is not hysterical, but also we get to see her cry AND be creative in using footwear as a hammer.  When Paul disappears, he is 'fazed out', a post production (I'm guessing, feel free to educate me) technique that is and is not similar to being beamed up a la Star Trek.  (The quality of the DVDs make this look less digitized than the VHS did, one reason these are still desirable.)  This is significant in that all the digitized people in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987) went the same way!  We are introduced to another variable of Loki's abilities and viewers get a touching reunion at the end.  The educational component?  We find that the megahertz frequency for the academy's hangar doors is barely enough to run a low end computer!


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