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Most Space Academy fandom know that while SA came first, Jason of Star Command ended up with more episodes and a longer run before it folded.  There has been speculation, some quite heated, over the phone and cyberspace, about which came first in the timeline, SA or JoSC?  Who is in charge of the asteroid, Gampu, Canarvin or Stone?  Do these series happened at the same time or on different time-lines--futuristically speaking.  Does Jason age, or not?

Shot in 15 and 30 minute segments, the show "recycled" much of Space Academy's sets and props.  Even the extras wore the same uniforms, though the logos have been changed, ditto for Seekers.  Jason's ship was bigger and better than a Seeker.  He called his the StarFire.  A cool aspect of his ships is that, like the Enterprise, it can break into two ships.  There are a few central characters, like Jason, but no formal "team" is established.  Jason often worked alone, though he seemed to find the ladies...

Throughout the site, links to mindlink trivia pages will take you to YesterdayLandArchives that give much more information about JoSC. 


      (I liked Stone, the original Blue man.)   W1K1    Tamara and 'friend'.


   At one time, he was the Gorton Fisherman (2005), and who can forget, "Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon?" 

Where are you now, Craig Littler?




There were no action figures for JoSC, but one spin-off book was published, very much in the same vein as the series.  However, here is where some of the timeline discussions come from.  It seems from the screen to print, not everything is the same.  Book review by Philip Frey    This is the only "Official" collectable for the series.

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