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15.  Johnny Sunseed

The last episode in the series finds the Space Academy in political trouble, with a visit from a unsupportive board-member; Gampu's brother!  Sunseed (Dallas McKennon), with traveling bird companion, Fracture, is very much against using technology and he thinks his stand is reinforced when he witnesses Adrian and Paul acting spacey in the "technological paradise".  But there is a good reason.  Paul is doing experimental farming to help ease the food costs for the Academy.  Unfortunately the food is a psychogenic (mind altering) and no one realizes it until Tee Gar and Laura decide it must be "something they at".  It was.  Even worse, Sunseed visits the Space Farm and tastes some of the lettuce looking growth, becomes disoriented and combative and destroys the computer, putting the Space Farm and the Academy in danger.  But...just in time, Gampu links with his brother in a type of mindlink of their own and tells his brother how to fix the problem. 

Using the bird and Peepo's mutual dislike to magnify Sunseed and Gampu's relationship is a nice treatment in this episode.  But along with the fun are a lot of bloopers, including watching the sound boom dipping into view and a sneak peak at Adrians' underroos...  One of the special effects is the use of a tractor beam-the same scene run backwards in a previous episode. 

Filmation had political troubles of their own from unsporting sponsors who pulled the financial plug.  They were able to make this last episode... just in time...

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