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8.  Life Begins At 300

Gina Corey (Paula Wagner) warns the by-standers watching Paul gather zolium to replenish the Life Support Badges/Bracelets, that the mission, while looking benign, is dangerous.  She should know, she is another cadet expert at the Academy, who may be on temporary assignment.  When her fears are realized, it is too late for Paul, who succumbs to the lethal levels of zolium when his Life Support Badge fails.  Even Peepo is affected!  After he is rescued and returned to recover at the Academy, Gina volunteers to safely gain the needed zolium

Like Matt Prentiss,  Gina has a precocious attitude and puts herself in danger, requiring a rescue that does not involve the Life Support Badges.  Gampu dons an antique NASA space suit and rescues her.  We never find out if enough zolium is garnered to keep the Academy supplied.

This is a great episode for another glimpse of how the Space Academy operates.  There is substantial video work and some odd special effects/props in this episode.  The viewer also gets to know the tender side of Commander Gampu in that he grieves for his mistakes, though, in human fashion, overcompensates for them.  One of the best moments is when he 'talks' with Peepo, disabled in a lab.  The music compliments the scene.  Jonathan Harris fans loved this one!  (This was Ray's favorite episode, too.)

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