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Tyrannosaurus Press sponsors, The Illuminata, an online Sci-Fi eZine (free).  Look for Don Pedro Colley's interview and other science fiction industry interviews along with FANDOM rants and raves by yours truly (TerryCrotinger/montanasings). 

Writer/Editor Bret Funk's commentary is though-provoking.  Writer's information and inspiration, original speculative fiction, commentary and of course, my articles are packed in every quarter.  This is the source for rpg novices and masters.  The Illuminata highlights book, music and game reviews. 

The Illuminata: Delving Deep Into The Worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy  (Sept, Oct, November issues)





Rob Maine's site and info about Stop Motion photography/special effects   Jason of Star Command


Space Academy sites...  Space Academy  Jason of Star Command

Virtual Vicki's Space Academy Site:

KidVid's site,  The one that pretty much started it all...

Jim's Filmation Fan page:  Filmation Site  Jason of Star Command

Awesome exposť about Brian Tochi's character in the Twilight Zone episode, "Wong's Lost and Found Emporium".


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Space Academy Action Figures:          






                                      Captain Chris Gentry

                                        If someone has a better picture and would like me to post it???



              Tee Gar Soom
















Jason of Star Command: Mission to the Stars  Book review by Philip Frey   

This is the only "Official" collectable for the Jason of Star Command series.

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National/International: Magazines, Vids, Books ... alas, no lunchboxes...           


Starlog Magazine covered the preproduction of Space Academy.

STARLOG 10, December 1977.

This magazine is from Argentina (2004/Spanish)


                                                                                                            FANGORIA   Jason of Star Command


Book or Video cover in German


And from England,




Resin Model of the Seeker (Jim has done many other space ships, including Space 1999, and models from television and movies.  Check him out!)  You can read an interview Jim has posted regarding Chuck Comisky (actor, director, special effects).           

Seeker Blue Prints (I'm told Prints of the Academy are on the drafting table!)

Space Academy Novel-Still in editing but target date is May 2004.  (Okay, it's now 10/09 and I started it in 1977... sigh)  My home page.


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