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Adrian Price-Jones

The lovely Adrian...she had the scientific angle all to herself.  An obviously intelligent woman, she belonged at the Space Academy.  Of all the cadets we meet, including most guests, Adrian is the only hard scientist other than Tee Gar.  The other members have 'soft' sciences like psychology or else have command/grunt roles like Chris and Paul; Loki needs to learn to read, first.

We actually know very little about this stately cadet.  We've seen her flirt.  We've seen her in both uniforms--filling each to perfection.  Adrian has the respect of young and old, male and female. But, what's with the Price-Jones bit?  Only a few sources mention her last name, but that's okay because this beauty had the hearts and hormones of many young boys and the envy and hero worship of female viewers, as well.  Adrian is a nice girl with a brain and body to match.  And all the male cast members touched her, often.  If there was a touch ratio compared to Laura Gentry, Adrian would win-no contest-game over.  Even so, she could ignore Chris's sad attempts at flirting and continue on collecting rocks for her collection or inventing machines to talk to the animals.  She is a cadet we'd like to get to know better.

And, unfortunately, other than her heroic and tireless work with monkeys, we know so little.  Everyone likes her.  Everyone.  However...


Paul, Adrian, and Tee Gar

There was one pre-quel (the teaser before the opening credits, usually followed by a commercial at the beginning of the episode) that showed her being very mean to Laura--even making her cry.  Regrettably, all of the videos floating about in cyberland have this prequel cut off.  It is not represented in the DVDs, either.  One website has one precious picture of this event (so I know it's out there!).  So, Adrian may have had a nastier side we seldom saw. 

On the other hand...

I used to think that Filmation attempted to give Maggie Cooper's character the chance of being the little girl's vision of Sally Ride (still training in NASA's space program at the time this was taped).  They failed.  Or gave up.  Or didn't care.  Now, having access to the scripts and Bible (from the DVD) and learning that she was to be the proper English girl, I like my original idea much better. 

If the writers had kept up the scientific angle, she would have been much more interesting.  Even when Paul brings her a rock sample, her brains are only engaged for a two sentence monologue.  Worse, Adrian's one shining moment was a hair-brained idea shared with a monkey.  She became a reaction character, like Tee Gar and Paul. 

One nice touch the writers added was a scene with Chris in "The Cheat" with Matt Prentiss where she admits to Chris that she is scared and puts her hand on his shoulder.  He reaches up for it and holds it in an attempt to reassure and comfort her.  This is one of the very few examples of reality for her character and is not written in script.  

There is the more traditional flavor to Adrian's character, but just look where Paul's right hand is in the picture above.  The need?  None.  She ended up a subtle vixen.  Other than the few teasing flirt scenes with Chris, she became another pretty face in space even though she had other attributes.  The producers took advantage of Maggie Cooper's figure by focusing on her breasts, her butt, and in a brazen show of sex-appeal-wanna-be, put her in a short cardboard-like starched skirt no one could sit down in, black go-go boots, a hair-band across those dark tresses and posed her provocatively, reminiscent of Scooby Doo's blonde female friend, whatshername. 

I wonder what Ms. Cooper thinks of this role? 

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