Space Academy  

Lt. Laura Gentry 

Laura Gentry is the counterpart to Tee Gar in that she has the psychology background to his medicine.  But she is also a 'little' sister to our Blue Team captain, Chris, a pixie next to her taller brother, easily fitting under his chin.  They share the same warm heart for all people, but can be firm when needed. 

These two siblings share unique talents: they can lift things with their minds, read each other's thoughts and most recently, they have learned the rudimentary elements of teleportation.  Brother and sister balance each other nicely.  Chris tends to get anxious quickly, while Laura will announce her feelings, but seldom looks hysterical. 

Unfortunately, the older, male members of the Blue Team do not recognize her willingness to be vocal about her emotions and instead try to calm her with short sentences like, "Easy, Laura" and "Steady, Laura".  Compared to the male members, she may be the most stable of the team!

Laura is always ready with a kind word and encouragement.  It may be this quality, rather than her pretty face, that we find endearing.  And, we find that she loves animals and is always ready to care for the needs of other.  Of all the Blue Team members, we find her handing out food more than anyone else.

Is she attracted to anyone?  We aren't sure.  Matt Prentiss seems to like her, but then, everyone likes Laura.  She and Tee Gar seem to share an unspoken camaraderie but there is never any overt flirting like her brother and friend, Adrian; one awkward relationship is enough!

Laura's job in this series is to be "hysterical girl"-which is not written into the story line, nor does it deserve the helpful advice from the males in the cast.  She is pragmatic.  Few see the wisdom she espouses, and at times, her comments are simply ignored.  Filmation did not utilize this character.  If they had extended the series, her part (and the other actors) would have complimented the scenes/story rather than be another player to try to give a meaningful line to once in awhile.  However, that they patronize her in their writing makes me wonder what Ms. Humphries was thinking...

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