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Maggie Cooper 

Maggie Cooper is no stranger to the sound stage.  Whether playing a woman with blinding and undiagnosable migraines or doing deodorant commercials, Ms. Cooper can pull it off.  Probably one of the more recognizable productions she worked on was, "I Had Three Wives" (though Teri Hatcher is more recognized for this series) However, she's a "Falcon Crest" alumni and was an investigative reporter for CBS. 

It is unclear if she continues acting.  The last listing has her involved in the glitter industry as of 1997, and one unverified job in 2000.  That is all.  The Screen Actors Guild has no agent listed for her.  For years, I've attempted to locate her, even looking in England and having a nice e-chat with a professor with the same name.  By luck (and I mean lottery lucky), she answered one of many queries I had in cyberspace on 8/6/09.

Hi Terry....

OK, the basics. Space Academy was my first job as an actress in TV. I had been in LA for 4 months and wasn't even in SAG when I got it. Someone in my acting class worked on the show and got me an audition.
For a young girl from Seattle, it was pretty exciting stuff! The cast was great fun to work with and I remember we met Eva Marie Saint...she was the wife of our director...that was a thrill. Adrian, my character was a geologist and my Colorado relatives were geologists, so that was a fun connection. I also landed a very good agent because of the show.
Thanks for your interest.

What has she been doing lately?  Unknown; she's a private person.  'Nuff said.

Of the two girls on the show, both get high marks for their looks.  Such porcelain skin and high cheekbones are classic features.  She has beautiful hair, her sheen is enviable.  Jim* thinks she's beautiful (you decide which Jim!).  In my research, Ms. Cooper's character was cited as many a fan's favorite, not only, but mostly from the males in the study. 

A word about looks... I know the warehouse they shot the set in was hot and humid, and the DVD interviews tell us that this was an issue for at least one cast member.  Humidity can give the best of us a bad hair day--fact.  In some scenes, the camera catches her hair, smooth and perfectly in place; in others, it looks like the frizz-fairy nested. When humidity or the wardrobe/make-up people screwed up her hair in those scenes, I found myself distracted and couldn't concentrate on her acting. 


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