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12.  Monkey Business

An obnoxious dignitary/professor, Jasper Bolt (Arnold S. Soboloff) is stranded with Tee Gar (on an experimental farm on Atarus that is lighted and fed solar energy by a solar mirror on Specular III.  But something has moved the mirror and it needs to be readjusted before Bolt and Tee Gar freeze to death (or Tee Gar shuts the man up, first).  Chris and Paul are sent to rescue and fix the mirror unaware that Loki and Jake have stowed away.  Chris has the honor of sitting on a tractor-type seat and hoisted several meters in the air on the outside of a control tower-just to reach the readjustment controls.  When the equipment fails, he plummets to the ground and is injured.  Using Adrian's experiments with Jake, Laura tries the controls and mindlinks with Jake to tell him how to climb the tower and fix the mirror before Bolt and Tee Gar are goners.  It works and everyone, including a humbled Jasper Bolt, is safe and Jake is the hero.

Another episode with an animal alert!  We are treated to probably one of the silliest episodes of the whole series.  Watching Adrian  try to communicate with a monkey (Jake) is embarrassing.  Tell me this wasn't her 'episode' to shine, please?  Tee Gar seldom gets to say a complete sentence!  Eric Greene liked this episode because he was able to work closely with the chimpanzee who liked to push him around during filming.  It may have been this exposure that also made his commentary about the Planet of the Apes movie so personal.  The idea that anyone would put vital controls half-way up a tower is ludicrous, but because of all the action and reaction, this ends up to be one of my favorite episodes.  It looks like Ric Carrott did his own stunts.  I'd love to have that verified or know who did it. 

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