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9.  My Favorite Marcia

On a planet about to be absorbed by its neighboring sun going nova, a distress signal is intercepted by part of the Blue Team.  They have to investigate, and find that Gampu's old flame, Marcia Giddings (Dena Dietrich), is grounded and in need of assistance.  To make matters worse, an old BattleDriod is on the loose determined to kill them.  Using available technology (McGyver style), they neutralize the robot and escape before the sun explodes...just in time.  At the end, we discover that Gampu's first name is Isaac, which Loki realizes is a great way to rib him.  Again, the Blue Team comes to their rescue...

A fun episode for Eric Greene, he told me he was tickled that he was able to work with Dena Dietrich, 'Mother Nature' from the butter commercials.  He recalls that she was very nice and a lot of fun.  Doesn't that robot look strikingly familiar?  It should!  It is a modified Robby the Robot from the Lost In Space series.

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