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Peepo is the true mascot of the Space Academy.  His abilities have not been utilized on-screen, so viewers can only imagine the limitless energy and camaraderie this Blue Team member contributes.  His favorite Blue Team member is Laura and has, on occasion, declared his love for her (and her love for him-even kissing him on that boxy head of his).  But, it is Loki he likes to tease...and get into trouble with!  Watching them play tic-tac-toe on a monitor is like looking at two brothers in fierce competition.

Peepo, as he will be quick to point out, is NOT a robot.  He is a Type A, Self-Determining Manu-Droid.  How he was named, Peepo, is still a mystery.  His voice is multi-ranged and can sound like an adolescent or drop to an adolescent trying to sound serious with an adult baritone. 

It is unclear who actually takes care of his physical/mechanical needs, but Tee Gar seems to know most about his circuitry and does repairs--most of them quickly.  But, in a cryptic way, Gampu seems to have known him the longest and refers to him as a "dear old friend".  And from other carelessly (?) dropped remarks from the Commander, we know that Peepo has a long memory, or storage unit or... whatever...  We know this: the Blue Team would not be the same without him.

One other thing I will tell you about Peepo (this is a secret, so keep it quiet) is that he has a cousin called, W1K1, over at Star Command that he gets to play with when no one is looking for him or needs him. But, shhhh.  No one is supposed to know!  Click here for a picture of W1K1 and Jason!

Some amazing things about Peepo...

He is a full-fledged cadet and can sit in a chair (though we have no idea how he can pull himself up into the chair).  Peepo can navigate, pilot, and do on-the-spot adjustments to equipment, usually one of the Seekers.  He has an alternate current switch and if you fiddle with his insides, he'll tell you he's ticklish.  According to Loki, Peepo cheats when he plays games with him.  The self-determining etc....saved the Academy with his ability to identify various substances--so his scanning/testing programs must be first rate!  And, even though he is a brave and fearless little, ah, guy, he's scared of ghosts!  That's okay Peepo, Laura loves you anyway.

The mechanical device used in the Space Academy series and the Jason of Star Command series are the same one.  There had been some speculation that there were two, but no research verifies the cyber-rumor.  Who is the robot's voice?  E.C.S. is listed in the credits, and some have credited Ty Henderson (Paul Jerome), while another leans toward Lou Schiemer's daughter, Ericka who had done voice work in other Filmation productions.  The winner?  E.C.S., aka, Ericka C. Scheimer, who used a vocorder, according to several sources.  There is an episode where there are more than one voice going simultaneously, father and daughter having fun (and saving money) as those voices... 


The mysterious and versatile John Berwick with Peepo.

For some early sketches of what Peepo might have looked here.

YesterdayLand Discussion of Peepo/W1K1's Voice

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