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6.  Planet Of Fire

Before leaving on a vacation with Loki, Tee Gar demonstrates for the 'girls', Chris and Gampu, a device that can 'freeze' things.  It is hoped that a larger version would be used to help cool planets before exploding or becoming dwarf planets.  The demonstration is a success, but Tee Gar has to be gently manipulated to go away on the vacation.  Adrian hides the cryotron and all is well.  Nope.  The item frozen as a demonstration explodes but no one wants to ruin the boys' vacation so they decide to tell them when they get back.  Unfortunately, Tee Gar is not easily put off and has stowed away the cryotron on his vacation and even stops at a planetoid to test it further, delaying the vacation only a small while.

The Blue Team becomes alarmed when Paul contacts them wondering where Tee Gar and Loki are.  No one knows, and Adrian discovers the cryotron is missing.  Putting limited clues together, the team goes out to hunt for the boys.  But meanwhile, Tee Gar, Loki and Peepo are 'freezing' things, unaware of two details: the item frozen is unstable and they are not alone.

Damon, who viewers understand is a loner and tired of it, takes Peepo and the cryotron when the boys go back to the Seeker and while playing with something that is not his property, Damon freezes Peepo.  The Blue Team finds Tee Gar and Loki.  They, in turn, find Peepo and Damon and the problem solving begins.  Apparently the Space Academy is powerful enough or close enough (or both) that a maser beam (similar to a laser but uses microwave frequencies) uncovers an old spring that Damon knows about and Peepo is thawed while Loki sheds tears of concern then tears of joy.  Damon asks forgiveness, which of course the Blue Team grants and sends Loki, Peepo and Tee Gar on their way, while they take Damon to the Space Academy to meet Gampu.

The educational components in this episode are self evident.  The likelihood that Tee Gar would use unstable elements is a little surprising, the quickness of distances covered is fantastic and unbelievable.  There is stop motion camera work at the beginning and some fairly good post-production segue from the original demonstrations from being unfrozen and wet, to solid ice.  The transition is almost seamless and convincing. 

Damon, played by guest star, Don Pedro Colley, was also in Planet of the Apes.  This is ironic in that later, Eric Greene wrote a social commentary about the same movie series.  Mr. Colley remembers this episode and enjoyed working with Filmation and the cast.  He was familiar with the work of Ty Henderson remembered Eric Greene. 

This episode shares the best plot award with Countdown.  It is rich in detail, gadget minded, and boasts a talented guest star, Don Pedro Colley.  Tee Gar gets to shine in this episode, so Brian Tochi fans loved this one.  There is a lot of science in this episode, some camera and post-production work and we get to see Loki do what a little boy would do when his friend is in big trouble.  I admit, this is my favorite episode.

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