Space Academy  

Ric Carrott

Ric was given the task of making this character believable in a new series.  Casting him as the boy-ish captain was a good choice as he was able to bring depth to "Chris Gentry" from the first episode.  As the episodes were not shot in sequence, by the time the first ep was aired, he'd nailed what a space cadet, team member, friend and brother should be and convinced the viewer, from the start, that Chris Gentry was firmly a personality, a real person.  He was taller and broader than everyone in the cast (Ty Henderson was almost as tall) and looked just a bit older than the others.  At the time Space Academy was being taped in an obscure industrial area warehouse in San Bernadino, Carrott was probably older than the cadet cast.  No birthdates are given for him or Ty Henderson, but both were acting for several years prior to this series.

Few knew his activities after Space Academy.  Years ago, I ran across an article in the L.A. Times about a 'Ric Carrott' who was protesting an illegal business to the Orange County Supervisors.  There was also a person by that name who teaches at a college in California.  Since the release of the DVDs, we know from his interview that he's not been idle.

Viewers watched him on Fantasy Island, Three's Company and so many other shows where he'd had roles.  Personally, I was disappointed to learn acting is no longer part of this man's life.


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