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I conceived of a Space Academy novel in a laundromat in Killeen, TX in 1977.  While folding laundry (still in college, poor... I should have been studying), I caught my first episode of the show and immediately fell in sci-fi love!  After that episode ended, I sat in shock, warm assorted socks still in my lap, and realized how this ensemble effected me.  After several loads and episodes later, in my limited thinking, I thought, "Okay, there's Blue Team I, maybe Red Team I will have a stronger story-line?"  Since the colors were Red and Blue, it made sense to me.  I was sorely disappointed.  The first words of the novel made it to paper in 1979 in Austin, TX. 

In 90's, I found myself with a computer and a limited search engine, but it was enough to realize that Space Academy had a following.  In the beginning, I had few contacts.  My main pals were Pat and Jim.  Soon that would grow to over 30.  Some of those, sadly, I've lost contact with.  If you are reading this, and you were, or want to be one of them, please e me.

When Pat, Jim and I were in weekly contact (it seem, huh, guys?), there were discussions about taking our creations (Pat's Blueprints, Jim's Seeker Model, my Novel) and do the dealer's rooms at Cons.  There were several phone calls, as well.  If my part had been finished, you might have seen one or more of us doing just that.  But time, family, school and jobs... it didn't happen.  Not to say it may never happen.  :)

The novel.

This takes the original idea and expands it into various areas of the Academy viewers never saw.  This story weaves in and out of the physical plant, medical, rec areas, and even off-asteroid activities.  And, it could not ignore how Jason of Star Command and Dragos' involvement affected the Academy.  There are new characters, but always, there is the Blue Team.

In my research, I contacted Brian Tochi, who was gracious enough to return my emails, and even called.  At the time, I had no idea what Fan Fiction was.  He burst my bubble when he heard about the novel, telling me it was Fanfic.  Brian, it took a good two months to wrap my head around that.  Then, someone reminded me that many of the Star Trek (O.S.) novels were the result of unsolicited manuscripts after the series ended.  So I dusted off the binders, cranked up the computer and kept going. 

I'm in the editing stage.  Always editing, it seems.  I find a cool way or more effective device to tell the story, and it seems I can't stop editing.  At one point the novel was over 850 pages--solid writing, no fluff.  It's a great story, following the principals Space Academy established with viewers.  Only until the DVDs came out did I get to read the series Bible.  My work fits within the original confines of the Bible.  That pleased me; I was on track; my writing was true with what I loved about the series.

There are already two backstories published, dealing with two characters: M'sing, a DNA altered ape, and a pyg.  A pig is a cleaning device used in natural gas pipelines to clean and inspect the lines.  These are large machines.  Pyg is much smaller, but finds it's way to the Academy's lines, and able to interact with the main character, Wyntron Joy.  How each character fits in the story?  You'll have to get a copy and find out.

A Pyg's Perspective (2006) and Monkey Blood (2008), in Beacons of Tomorrow Anthology: First and Second Collections.

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Thank you for looking at this site, this page.  I am honored.  montanasings

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