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The lights coming from the tail of this fighter are called shock diamonds

        The camera work of the Seekers often show shock diamonds and "glare". 

                And that would be really cool, if there was oxygen in space...







Space Academy fans had only this as a reference before the VHS,

then later as the DVDs were available.  (Starlog 10)





Fandom's original (as in he came out with it first) Seeker expert is model-maker, Jim Small.  I met Jim many years ago online.  How he developed the kit (which I own:) is a trade secret.  In our conversations, he explained how many of the miniatures / models are made.  Jim's been commissioned for his expertise on other series and movies (Battlefield Earth, being just one!) 

He gave me a heads up about Pat and the three of us have collaborated on Academy details I'm using in the novel.

Click on this link to see Jim's model Chuck Comisky is holding in the DVD interview.

When I met Pat via cyber-space back in the late 90's, he was developing Wall Poster blueprints of the Seeker.  Architect, Patrick Hill, labeled and mapped the Seekers inside and out.  The link below gives a look at his Wall Poster/blueprints of the Seeker.  I've used these exclusively in the novel to maintain integrity.

Wall Poster blueprints of the Seeker



Years ago, Jim, Pat and I speculated what all the buildings on the Academy asteroid were and their function.  Some questions were answered when the camera panned certain parts of the outside of the Academy in the opening scenes.  (Actually, Eric Greene had to call my attention that the camera did pan to these areas in my interview with him.  I never made the connection with what the camera was doing... I was a novice... give me a break :)  Viewers can tell where the docking bays, main control room and where Bay 3 is.  That's all.  With the availability of the scripts, now we can garner correct names for these areas.  The rest is still up to the viewer to decide, unless the model makers listed on their blueprints what these buildings are for? 



This email transpired between Patrick Hill and I on March 9, 2004 about various Academy buildings.

And as soon as I can get it opened (program expired, sigh)... stay tuned...


 Pat n Me, Summer 2003

 Planning dastardly stuff.


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