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10.  Space Hooky

Can robots, rather, manudriods misbehave?  The Filmation writers would have us believe they can!   Loki and Peepo disobey orders and steal a Seeker to go exploring.  They are discovered by two child-like beings that can invade the mind and will of their host.  Loki is easy prey for the both of them, but it is a little crowded in his young mind, so they later jump to Paul and Gampu.  While Gampu is not in his right mind, well, something isn't, he orders the Space Academy into space that is dangerous, backing out...just in time when  Taka and Var's father comes looking for them and takes them away.  A child rearing discussion ensues Loki and Peepo are given punishment for their earlier offenses.  Finishing the episode, Gampu turns and sings the opening phrases of Blow The Man Down

Isaac Asimov would be frowning at this episode, though it has humorous moments with Jonathan Harris singing and pirate jokes being bantered about.  Colored lights projected on the actor's forehead to portray the ethereal spirits is rather hokey (cheap).  The DVD interviews confirm what I'd suspected, Lou Scheimer and his daughter Ericka provided the voices to bring Taka and Var to life. 

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