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Special Effects/EFX

Filmation's budget, at the time, was not too bad for a live-action show.  However, the production people cut corners when they could.  It is common knowledge they re-used footage for Seekers and explosions.  The Seeker was seen first on Ark II.  I imagine Mr. Scheimer was pragmatic with materials to use for the show.  In the DVD interviews, he mentions this and my imagination took this to a scene in the Apollo movie where items are dumped on a table and the scientists had to use only those materials that would be available to the astronauts in order to find a way to save the men and mission--a huge logic puzzle.  That kind of challenge sparks creativity, and the Space Academy crews found ways to make the budget and materials work. 

Sets, costumes, props and of course, the miniatures were done as cost effectively as they could, and reports at the time in 1977 tell us that the EFX crew was working with stop-action technology while developing their own procedures for each of the individual shots for the show--all the while in various parts of the warehouse groups were working on sets, taping, rehearsing.  Apparently, it was a very industrious time.

Rob Maine & Chuck Comisky had been contacted by Canadian model maker, E. James Small (he made the Seeker model Mr. Comisky is holding in the DVD interviews).  An interview ensued with Mr. Comisky and can be accessed at:

Rob Maine and I exchange emails.  He has shared many, many details NOT in the DVDs about production of the models and the special effects.  I'm waiting for an okay from him before posting any of his information.  I really hoped to see him in the interviews for the DVDs :(

Rob Maine endorsed Patrick Hill's Seeker Blueprints!  (See Links for more about Pat's Blueprints.)


The above interview and the DVD interviews illuminated much about this subject.  If something new comes to light, I'll update this, as needed. 

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