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    This post began some heated discussions (recorded somewhere else on the web, and lost in my other computer) about the real functions of Space Academy and Star Command.  When the Jason of Star Command book was published, it spawned even more controversy because the time-lines were inconsistent.  Jim, Pat and I had several emails in discussion about this topic.  I queried Ted Pederson about this, but the emails were not conclusive.  When I can get them (re) extracted, I'll post what I have.

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Who is really in control of the SA asteroid?
I remember talking to friends about this show and someone wondering if Star Command was a "secret" area of Space Academy, how did the cadets and Commander Gampu react when
the Star Command guys basically took control of it to move
it or to use the Seeker's hangar bay? The things you wonder about when you're a kid.

Has anyone else noticed Craig Littler's subsequent career as one of the pitchmen for Grey Poupon?
-Brian Lindstrand 1964


1. Re: Who is really in control of the SA asteroid? - Jim H 1965
Interesting subject. I've considered this too. It seems to me that Star Command was the real power behind the Academy. Both commanders seem to have complete control of the station--and its defenses, as well as the sleek Starfires, which didn't appear until JOSC. Gampu never appeared in Jason, but when cadets appeared, they were cleary subordinate.


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