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14.  Star Legend

The Blue Team is almost permanently pulled into the Alderaan Triangle (think Bermuda Triangle and you've got the right idea) but...just in time...are thrust out by an "old fashioned energy beam"..  When they tell the story back at the Academy, a discussion about Captain Rampo begins.  Instead of shunning the dangerous area, Gampu takes the entire Space Academy into the fray where it experiences problems similar to what the Blue Team had in the Seeker.  What they discover is an identical Space Academy!  Boarding it they find an eerie mess and Captain Rampo (Howard Morris) who, for sixteen hundred years, has been the sole protector of wayward ships who venture into the triangle and are attacked by a lovely green energy consuming entity.  In the end, Rampo is rescued, but the look-alike ship is sacrificed to rid the unsuspecting universe of "this terrible scourge!".

Why did the current Academy's architects use the same blueprints for something this old?

Eric Greene liked this one because of the special effects on the ghost-ship! 

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