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1.  The Survivors Of Zalon

This is the first episode to air.  We are introduced to the Blue Team, Gampu, Peepo and Lt. Paul Jerome-who is not part of the team officially at this point.  Adrian sees red ("Red means life, that's all I can tell you.") and believes there may be life on a planetoid that is about to explode.  Gampu eventually allows the Blue Team to investigate.  Loki is found and adopted, making him the littlest member of the Blue Team.  The planet explodes after the Seeker escapes just in time...

Because so much has to be explained to the viewers, this episode seems rigid.  But we do get an idea that Chris and Adrian are attracted to each other.  This is such a crucial episode in that we are introduced to the mission of the Space Academy, we get to see a tender side of Gampu, and we learn that Chris and Laura have special powers-hinting that more information about their abilities will be forthcoming. 

There is an ending scene with Laura that makes me think that apples really do squirt when you bite on them in close proximity to others.  Some camera work was attempted (sudden vanishing, a visible force field) that almost makes the sparse set palatable.  This is the same set that was used in several Jason of Star Command episodes.  Eric Greene has some wonderful stories about this episode that I hope one day he'll let me tell...








"Who are you?"  Did Chris think that yelling at Loki would help him understand better?

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