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7.  The Cheat

Viewers are allowed to see that the Academy has cadet experts and there are certain safety protocols that must be followed.  We meet Matt Prentiss (the mysterious writer/actor, John Berwick), a self-confident (cocky) laser expert.  When a distributor on asteroid BX3 needs repair, Prentiss and the Blue Team are sent to fix it.  However, Chris Gentry has filed charges that Matt Prentiss is an unsafe leader and volunteers to go, not as captain of the mission, but only as a pilot.  Things do not go well for Prentiss and even the Blue Team is admittedly scared.  Chris is arrested and later saves the day and stops the distributor from leaking radiation. 

This episode has some quirky characteristics that make it one of the better ones offered by Filmation.  But, there are story flaws and fantastic oddities the writers want us to see/believe.  Tee Gar should have been injured severely, but is not.  We see a touching moment when Chris and Adrian hold hands.  And at the end, we get a glimpse of the social structure at the Academy.

There is some fun video and camera work/angles and some cheesy effects reminiscent of Space Invaders graphics.  Brian Tochi and John Berwick do their own stunts!

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