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13.  The Phantom Planet

Proteus 9B is in the way of shipping lanes and Gampu orders the Blue Team to destroy it.  But at regular intervals, a phantom planet appears and Proteus 9B is right in the middle!  The older boys set technite charges to blow up the asteroid.  Meanwhile, Loki, Peepo and the girls gather samples and discover a being and a cave with metallic egg-like items that the being wants them to take.  They end up with only one; they must leave before the technite charges go off prematurely.

When they return to the Academy and examine the item, the being returns and motions in a pleading manor, but no one understands him/it.  To communicate, the Blue Team and Gampu (Loki and Peepo wait this one out) hold a sťance where it is discovered that the metallic items are storage units of a lost civilization.  With the technite charges planted, they can not return to retrieve them.  But Chris and Laura do a type of teleportation and return with the objects...just in time.

This episode has some pretty nifty camera work but an odd costume!  And, Technite--Techie dynamite?  The 'being' looks like the costume was made with black strips of trash bags.  But, we can see it's ankles!  Erika Scheimer has nice ankles.  When the DVD came out, I was asked to provide some questions for the interview.  This 'being' was one I really hoped someone would explain.  However, it back-fired.  My "black strips of trash bags" description was not shared by Greene, Carrott or Tochi.  In fact, they barely remembered the character!     

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