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5.  The Rocks Of Janus

This is an unbelievable episode about twin rocks; one is good-Ergo, the other evil-Targ.  Adrian's expertise in geology (Educational component:  we learn the word, igneous.) gets to shine as she diagnoses the ailing (good rock), Ergo and brings him around enough to fight for himself against Targ.  Laura is kidnapped by Targ in the Seeker, but Ergo saves her.  The Blue Team ends up escorting Ergo to the Space Academy to finish healing.

This episode may be the sloppiest in plot and production.  There are some blooper moments and odd little trivial bits about how the characters react.  Throughout, Paul looks rather insulted that he has to be in this episode at all.  The story flaw is not apparent until the end...if you don't spot it, email me and I'll give you the answer.

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