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11.  There's No Place Like Home

Loki is being used for ill gain in this episode.  Kane (Larry Dobkin) attempts to steal a special chemical only available at the Space Academy to help his planet and uses Loki's orphan status in the process.  This is a difficult decision for the young boy to make, but he finally decides to give the chemical to Kane who not only steals it, but a Seeker as he flees with his prize.  But, the prize is not the prize he thinks it is; it explodes in the Seeker. Loki uses his spectral vision to assist the Blue Team in the rescue.  After Kane is recovered, the Seeker is explodes.

Eric Greene's favorite episode, it allowed viewers to understand a darker side to the galaxy and reminds us how innocent Loki really is.  (There's another reason that I hope Eric will give me the permission to share!)  There is video work, post-production effects and of course, the Seeker explosion is pretty fun.  Why the girls never thought it peculiar to find a rabbit wandering in the Academy  is only one of the story flaws (Kane is 'transphased' as a creature, a rabbit, and at the end, into the likeness of Chris).  There are random details that make it seem science fiction-like but mostly, they end up as campy. 

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