Space Academy  

Ty Henderson  

Henderson is a veteran actor.  Unfortunately, his parts tend to be small, or worse, obscure.  Pity.  He has wonderful comedic timing and expressions that are more natural than the sparsely written, Tee Gar, who had to depend on reaction shots to keep his character vibrant.   

Few "extras" were men of color on the set of Space Academy.  Luckily for viewers, he was chosen for the part of Paul.  Another face would not have complimented the Blue Team as well.  Was Ty cast as the 'token' black actor required in the 1970's?  I'd love to know the reason why this older 'student' was given the casting nod.  He was no child actor when this series started filming in the summer of 1977.  But then, neither was the captain of the Blue Team...

Portraying a pianist in, The Competition, with Amy Irving, it appears that he actually plays professionally.  Watching his hands on the controls of the Seeker they look like classic hand positions for piano fingering.  Rent this movie.  You'll be in for an interesting look at a different side of Ty Henderson!  And then, there's always Twin Peak's Sam...

Mr. Henderson was unable to attend the taping for the DVD interviews, though it was my understanding from discussions with Andy Mangels, that he was interested in being represented on the DVD.  Mr. Henderson's acting abilities have not graced our lives in a long time.  However, according to the DVD insert, Mr. Henderson is still working in the industry as a producer.  Bet his work won't be your typical run-in-the-mill film!


     Ty was tagged to play Michael Jackson.  Early Jackson... he could pass!






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