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Jason of Star Command


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Dragos' Dragonship was one one of my all time favorite sci fi spacecrafts. I seem to remember that it changed during the 2nd season but I haven't seen an episode in 20 yrs. Can anyone confirm this. Does anyone have any jpgs or gifs that they can send me?
-Raymond Honeycutt 1968


1. Re: Dragonship - Jim H 1965

You're right about there being two different Dragonships. Both were great looking.

70's Live Action KidVid (another great site) has a Jason page with some nice Jason pictures. Unfortunately, neither Dragonship is among them. I have a shot of the first season Dragonship from an old Starlog and will scan a copy for you if you'd like. Just shoot me an email.

Also, you should be able to find good copies of Jason eps at or at the video exchange at


2. Re: Dragonship - Jim H 1965
I forgot to give the address for 70's Live Action KidVid:


3. Re: Dragonship - John D 1965
The original Dragonship had "arms" with sat dishes on the ends. The arms moved around occasionally.

I don't remember how, but Jason destroyed the first one.

The second season Dragos referred to the ship as "an old battleship". I don't think it referred to as a dragon ship.

At the end of the season, Dragos was shooting at Jason's Starfire, Jason lured him to shoot at a star or something which reflected the beam back and sent the battleship to another dimension.


4. Re: Hey Ray, where are you? - JimH 1965

I've tried emailing you back re: this (very belatedly) a few times this week. Get in touch with me when you can.


5. Re: Dragonship - JimH 1965

Try looking on ebay for Starlog #25 and Fangoria #5. Both of these have good articles on Jason of Star Command with pictures.


1. CORRECTIONS - JimH 1965
The Starlog with the Jason article is #20, not #25. Also #27 has a saturday morning kidvid preview with a full color picture of the Dragonship. Other issues of interest: #8 has a saturday morning preview, including work by Filmation, and #10 has an article on Space Academy. And #36 has a bit on Jason plus photos/anniversary greetings of Lou Scheimer, Norm Prescott and Arthur H Nadel. Hope this helps.


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