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Jason of Star Command


Jason of Star Command

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Jason of Star Command
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Even as a kid I knew this was a Star Wars ripoff! I liked it at first for it's spaceships and the whole "space" thing but it got old quick.
-Blakester 1966

I remember this show very well. I was always rooting for the evil DRAGOS to prevail! ... but he never did

-Paul Dragos 1961

I remember thinking that the scripts improved dramatically in the post-serial (no relation to Post Cereal) episodes.

One scene that absolutely killed me, though, was one where Peepo flies in the window, proving there's no glass or anything in it... and it faces out into space!
-Winston Engle 1970

My memories of the show are faint indeed, but I remember I liked it and was disappointed when it disappeared.

Once my sisters and I tried to figure out exactly which character in "Star Wars" inspired each character on "Jason of Star Command;" we pretty much saw it as a rip-off. It was however unique in some ways.

I remember some kind of time warp that Jason went into to find some guy. Time was going faster for Jason but we saw him in slow motion. The characters couldn't see him at all, except for the guy he was tracking down. The slow motion effect in the hallway (and the music) inspired several adventures for my Star Wars toys.

Then there was the time the ship got icy cold and the bald guy dropped the last power rod. I felt bad for him.

This show also has the distinction of introducine me to the term "Limbo." Another crossover of science fiction and theology.

Man, it's so funny that everyone thought Han Solo (and especially the figure) looked like Jason. But especially eerie is the fact that so many people have only faint memories and can't find anyone else who watched it. I too began to question its existence...

"Jason of Star Command" seems to occupy a special Limbo of its own.
-Nathan Hill 1973

Everyone out there, who lived their adolecence in the 70`s has fuzzy memories of just how cool it was to be a child during this wonderful decade. It was so cool when everyone jumped on the chance to cash in on the enormously popular Star Wars. This show & Space Academy was Filmation`s move towards this genre. Blast` em up action was the name of the game & it fullfiled that need for a young boys` "action junkie" cravings. If you thought it was all a dream because it was all so long ago,think again. I`m here to tell ya,it was REAL!!If time travel was possible, the awesome 70`s is where I would make my home.
-Dan Shupp 1966

i have both seasons of jason of star command on video....... email with any questions!
-cartoon man 1967

Jason of Star Command remains a very faint yet fond memory from my childhood. I remember enjoying the special effects, space ships and that asteroid/space station the most. I remember this show airing along with Lost in Space reruns, but I thought I remembered another space/sci-fi show that aired right before or after JOSC on Saturday mornings. It may have taken place in some underground lab. Any recollection of that series?
-Kyle 1972

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who remembers Jason of Star Command. It was the best thing on Saturday mornings, this was also when we first get cable television. I was also looking for evidence somewhere that this show did exist because nobody that I know remembers. Where would a person find old episodes.
-Jesse Fournier 1966

My uncle John L Russell played Cdr Stone on show.
Only sci fic he ever did.
He costarred in 1985 movie Pale Rider,
1976 Outlaw Josey Wales, both Eastwood flicks.
Hes an Ex Marine served in WW2.
FYI for all JSC fans.
-steveventure1@excite.com 1955

Jason of Star Command is still a sci-fi favorite of mine. It has been so long since I have seen this show but I still remember vividly the Dragon ship Dragos had. If any of you guys out there know how I can get my hands on the old episodes of this show please let me know.
-Alonzo Carter 1970

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