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Space Academy


Space Academy

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Space Academy
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I've been comparing costumes since getting hold of a video. These are my observations:

Male cadets could wear the 'professional student look' white/dark uniform or a really ugly jumpsuit.
Only the jumpsuits had pockets.
The uniform has long sleeves and a fairly high necked inner shirt. That had to be hot under those lights! Somehow, creamy white boots on men just seem wrong...

Female cadets had their choice of three different 'looks' for the day.
Their jumpsuits seemed to fit just a little tighter in the bust than the male cadets but both could wear black socks and shoes.
Or, to compliment the sexy 'I love a cadet in uniform' look, they could also sport a miniskirt and black, shiny gogo boots (Oh, please!).
These students were allowed to wear short sleeves-is female arm hair more or less attractive than the male counterpart?
Could this be a subliminal women's lib statement?

Several close-ups focus on the girls' boobs (and some curious foundational support solutions) which of course feature a much lower neckline on those inner shirts.

One other noteworthy interest was that the guys had some definite 'panty' lines.
As I recall, it was mainly "Chris". fashion...
Just trivia...
-montanasings 1956

A friend of mine and I woke up early Saturday mornings and 'took notes' on Space Academy, Jason of Star Command and Ark II. And now with all the vids and capturing available, and through interface with other online nostalgic folk, I can do it with style. So here, folks, are a couple links to enjoy. Trying to spread the joy! I really want this nostalgic stuff to return in the form of DVD. Maybe a 'where are they now' link. I'd love to know what these actors are doing now. Did I see Craig Littler (Jason) on a Grey Poupon commercial? I'm sure that was him...
-bittiby 1963

When I was a kid, I used to write to studios to request press kits and photos. Filmation sent me a press kit for Space Academy and Ark II, and I know I'm not imagining this: I SWEAR that in the press kit I received, Loki was played by Meeno Peluce.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Meeno Peluce would later go on to do more genre work in the tragically short-lived "Voyagers!" Remember "Voyagers!"? The star was Jon-Eric Hexum, who played Phineas Bogg. Hexum accidentally committed suicide when he jokingly pointed a prop pistol filled with blanks at his temple and pulled the trigger. The force blew a quarter-sized chunk of his skull through his brain, killing him instantly...
-LeBrainBoy 1964

WOW, It wasn't all just my imagination and memory getting confused! I've been telling my freinds about this show for years. Somehow, it must have made an impression on me. I never remembered ARK II or Jason of Star Command (the other shows my friends knew they had seen). I had these lego-like toys called Ten-tee. I remembered making the Space Academy shuttle out of a mere 7 small pieces. My shuttle was about the size of a hot wheels car, but man did I take that thing everywhere playing Space Academy with it. I had no idea the show ran for two years! Ever notice the air dates on Space academy, Battlestar Galactica, or Buck Rogers? Looking back it's amazing what an impact Star Wars had on TV, lol.
-Teaspoon 1970

I loved Space Academy and its sister show Jason Of Star Command. They both had some great special effects and decent plots for their day. I enjoyed the look of the Academy and Seekers, and even Peepo. And who couldn't love Jonathan Harris?
-Super7fan 1965

Space Academy was actually very well respected among the TV community when it came out. It was an forward- looking, educational show about an optimistic future that starred KIDS! Sheesh, no wonder they threw all those Peabody and Emmy awards at this thing. But that's all just incidental. I liked it because it LOOKED COOL! The Academy vessel itself, the NASA-chic look of the Seeker, it was all very majestic and beautiful. The acting could've used some help, but that's the downside to spending all your budget on hardware instead of good players. Jon Harris was a great old, wizened Yoda-type who actually made me want to go read about science when school started on Monday. Oh and to Mike Pettry, yes there was another derelict Academy called "The Argo" that the crew found once. It was a ghost ship captained by some crazy old man and it's one of the most memorable shows to me. I would love to find the entire series' run somewhere on video, but the most I can find now are maybe 5-6 episodes of questionable quality. Good luck, cadets!
-Mark Of Star Command 1969

Like alot of others, I had ARK II and Space Academy confused. One thing I was not confused about is being madly in love with Brian Tochi. My sister and I used to get in fights over who would get to marry him when we grew up! She was two and a half years older so she always won. But I never gave up!
-Jen 1967

I thought Johnathan Harris's character was "Commander Sunseed"...I seem to remember an episode with an evil twin named "Moonseed"? Different show?

Harris was a neighbor of one of my friends in Encino, California. He lived at the bottom of the cul-de-sac, and he'd come flying up the street every morning at the same time in his Mercedes, precisely when I'd be picking up my pal to drive to school. He almost nailed us on many occasions, particularly because of my habit of blocking the intersection when I stopped at the house on the corner.

We once found a plastic 'Action Figure' of Harris from this very show at Pic N Save for less than a buck. We drove a nail through its head and left it in his mailbox. Aaah, good times, good times!
-Clarington Shpoo 1962

Well just like in Lost In Space, Jonathan Harris definately ruled the roost in this show! I loved him as the scheming, sneaky and greedy Dr Zachery Smith on Lost In Space, and when I was a kid, It was a true pleasure to see an old friend once more...

As for Peepo-sheesh, who designed that roving vacuum cleaner? The Robot from Lost In Space could blast Peepo to the other side of the moon with just one blast from his claws! Is that what Star Wars did to robots? Turn them into vaccumm cleaners and trash cans instead of the much taller and proud Robots like Robby the Robot and the Robot from LIS? Sheesh!
-Chris 1968

Oh. Wow. Somehow I got Ark II and Space Academy and Jason of Star Command all scrambled in my little brain. I clearly remember Brian Tochi (I too still have a big crush on him) and Peepo, and it being set on a planetoid.

I had remembered Brian as being on Ark II, though, and thought the show set on the planetoid was kind of a solo-action-hero one, which was probably from flashbacks of Jason of Star Command.

Wow. Now I want to sit and watch 70's TV and eat Cocoa Puffs.
-Lilith 1971

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