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Space Academy


Space Academy

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Space Academy


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I love this site! This show, along with Ark II, was one of my favorites. But I seem to remember James Doohan (ST's Scotty) playing the Commander in the first season of the series, but there's no mention of him! Maybe I'm just imagining things? The one episode I remember is the one where the kids found an asteriod that turned out to be alive. Cool!
Richard Ranke mentioned that Pam Ferdin was in the Star Trek episode, "And The Children Shall Lead". I didn't recognize her name, but it's entirely possible. I do know that Brian Tochi was also in that episode.
-John Drake 1966

I grew up with this show! I was always more a fan of the spaceships and Peepo to be certain! Man... how I longed for a toy of the seeker! (Or Two!) While I may not buy the show if it was ever resurrected to video... I would certainly not mind watching it again if it were ever shown! (And I agree with everyone else about Ark II! They always preempted it for something else in Orlando when I was growing up!)
-Ryx in Van Nuys 1967

This show was awesome. I used to make sure to try and watch it every Saturday morning. Does anyone remember the episode where they found a second Space Academy in space drifting or something. I also liked the cool shuttles/ships they rode around in. Did Laura have some kind of mind reading or telekinetic powers? I can't remember for sure. Does anyone know how many episdoes there were and where you can get them at?
-Mike Pettry

I only remember a few specific episodes, but I loved this show. I can only remember a three characters: Jonathon Harris, Peepo, and the curly black-haired kid who could float (Loki, I think). I remember the episode where they found him, he liked to play the flute or some other small instrament. Even though Jason of Star Command was more exciting, I think I liked this show even better, and I would love to see it again!!
-Will 1969

I had a HUGE crush on Brian Tochi. Still do!
-winginit 1965

Yeah, I remember this one too; it was pretty good, they had neat shuttles, a talking chimp (I think, there was a chimp on there anyways) and a little curly haired feller who had X-ray vision. Pretty decent show, had some things going for it; never made the connection it was Johnathon Harris in the lead (always thought it was Ray Walston, go figger).
Never mind, it has been 20 years since I saw this...
-shane 1966

This site has finally allowed me to revive solid memories of these great tv shows. I came here looking for Isis, but SA ranks high on my list of great sci-fi. It certainly confirmed my strong interest in sci-fi after Star Trek re-funs. SA had a great cast and good messages for me as to how to treat others.
-Grant Kerr 1968

I recall this show quite vividly and would love to see it resurrected on video or a cable channel some day just to see how my adult eyes would view it today.
It's amazing how Jonathan Harris left his mark in not just one, but three different sci-fi TV shows (Lost In Space of course, and also the voice of Lucifer on Battlestar Galactica).
-Eric 1969

About 2 years ago I had a chance to meet Jonathan Harris.
IT WAS A CHILDHOOD DREAM COME TRUE, and how many people can say that. I even got a chance to ask him about SPACE ACADEMY. He said it was a most interesting experience. There was so much I wanted to ask, but so little time. It will be the happiest memory of my life.
By the way, I would sell my soul to have the model of the ACADEMY.
-al watkins 1967

I sincerely wish I could watch the Space Academy, Jason, and Ark II episodes again. As others on this page have mentioned, this one really stuck in my brain for some reason.

And, of course, I've had a crush on Pam Ferdin since that old ST:TOS episode. 8-)
-Todd South 1968



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