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Space Academy


Space Academy

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Space Academy


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I was just married when SA came on the air (I was 20) and already a SciFi fan. This was a bit childish, but still fed my desire to see live action (like Ark II) with people who were at least close to my age!

I loved this show and have written a novel based on it...
Ahh, for a publisher who likes kid-stuff!


Space Academy was a chance for Johnathan Harris to play a sci-fi role which wasn't a villain.How many noticed one of the younger cadets in Space Academy was Pam Ferdin,who had years before been in the (in)famous Star Trek episose,"And the Children Shall lead Them"?
-Richard Ranke

This is probably the show that solidified my interest in SciFi. I was only 8 years old at the time, and I already liked Star Trek (TOS), but everyone on it was old, and the technology in ST looked older that Space:1999's, yet ST was more in the future than 1999... All very confusing for an 8 year old.

Space Academy, had a smooth futuristic look to it. This is one show from my childhood I would like to watch with my own children.
-Nick Stefanisko

If you ever get a chance to look at Space Academy, do. It can be simplistic, (hey, it's a kid's show) but it stands up well in a number of ways. The sets (particularly the interior of their shuttlecraft) look pretty good even by today's standards.

I think kids who watched Space Academy grew up to design for shows like DS9 and such.
-Stephen Persing



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