This is one of the 'posts' that was worth saving as it had information about the Academy's layout.  Pat responded with a plug for all of us.  Very nice Pat, thanks!  (And that was YEARS ago!).                                                                   

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Any info about the actual layout of the asteriod?


I'm working on a project and would appreciate knowing what some of those towers, buildings were supposed to be. I think I can locate the shuttle docking bay ? doors...but thats about it. Thnx, montana


1. Re: Any info about the actual layout of the asteri - Mark Of Star Command 1969
Several ideas on the layout of the base. Culled from watching SA and JoSC.
The clear, larger plastic domes - there are several of them along the surface - are hydroponics bays to grow the crew's food.
If you look closely at the tallest tower, you'll see a sort of dome-like structure on it, that is the C&C, (Command and Control) for Star Command. Now, Star Command did not take over the planetoid until after 3732, so I am unsure as to whether Commander Gampu and his cadets are working out of that area in the SA series.
One of the other Tall Towers is a weapons platform that the base can fire laser salvos.
The giant Ball thingy near the Tower array is one of two things: water supply/recycling or an engine core area.
There are several Launching/Docking Bays. One is concealed among the smaller buildings and one is in a medium-sized tower.
On the underside of the planetoid, one of the Towers fires a deflector beam that can be used to clear objects out of the vessel's path. This deflector (to my knowledge) was only used once in JoSC to free WIKI the Robot from an enemy tractor beam.
Also, we do know that the Academy is a VESSEL and does not just drift through space. It does have engines, presumably on the fore and aft sections of the planetoid, although we've never seen exhaust coming from them to indicate exactly where they are.
There is also a small microwave dish-like "farm" near the center of the Academy that I always assumed was for communications. But it could just as well be used to generate shielding in the event of an attack or high solar radiation.
On a side note, if this "project" you mention involves coming up with some kind of technical drawing or map of the Academy, I'd like to see your results some time.
Hope I could help!


1. Re: Any info about the actual layout of the asteri - bittiby 1963
I know 'montana' and she's writing a book on Space Academy, which would probably involve Jason in some way, since both utilized the asteroid. I'm semi-assisting her with some information. Some plans were just released on the Seeker and there's a model kit. Nearly all of Filmations' Space Academy/Jason/Ark II vehicles are currently underway. Plans will be made available. Very accurate and detailed, professional. Kits will be coming out. I ordered one. Look for the upcoming stuff...


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