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Space Academy


Space Academy


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  “Welcome to man’s most magnificent achievement in the conquest of space - the manmade planetoid, Space Academy!”

How could you not follow a 300 year-old Commander who answers to the name Gampu? And that’s exactly what the futuristic soldiers-in-training did in the live-action series Space Academy, one of many Star Wars-inspired shows that debuted in the fall of 1977.

Set in Star Year 3732, the Space Academy was a floating space station, a self-described planetoid, that operated as a training school for cadets to learn how to communicate with alien life forms.

“Here we have gathered young people from the farthest reaches of all the known worlds – they have been chosen for their unique abilities and are being trained to cope with the mysterious, the unknown and the unpredictable dangers lurking in the vast darkness of space.”

Under the instruction of Gampu were a slew of cadets, including Paul Jerome and Chris Gentry—who usually led the missions—as well as Laura, Adrian and Teegar. Aboard their spacecraft, Seeker, the cadets encountered all sorts of planets, civilizations, and interesting creatures like Loki, a boy who could make himself invisible.

Also on board was the friendly robot Peepo, who looked like a deluxe vacuum cleaner, and who also surfaced on the show’s spin-off, Jason of Star Command. Space Academy, its spin-off, and The Shazam!/Isis Hour were all part of Filmation’s effort to produce non-animated Saturday morning programs for kids.

 Release History
  9/10/77 - 9/1/79 CBS

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Commander Issac Gampu   Jonathan Harris
Captain Chris Gentry   Rick Carrott
Cadet Laura Gentry   Pam Ferdin
Tee Garsoom (Teegar)   Brian Tochi
Loki   Eric Greene
Adrian Pryce-Jones   Maggie Cooper
Lt. Paul Jerome   Ty Henderson


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