This page is dedicated to fans who loaned all kinds of documents, pics, tapes, etc... to the gentleman who helped bring us the SA dvds, but did not return them.  On the page you just left it states: 

(*Though, he apparently left several fandom out of the credits who also provided "research".  I know material was not returned after a year.  Fandom learned a bitter lesson when dealing with the entertainment industry; they will not be so eager next time, I think.*)

I received a fairly nasty email in September from this gentleman that said he would be hesitant to help with future projects, based on this passage.  He was obviously insulted by this--which wasn't the point, just wanted him to know we (who have loaned material) don't feel this was an isolated event or one-time mistake.  He refused to allow me to quote any email or post any pictures, as a way of retribution, apparently.  This is unfortunate as he is a wealth of information and had some good pics of the cast and Peepo.  But, as it stands, he is playing--in my opinion--the "offended Hollywood notable" card and it would not surprise me if he's alerted other cast members to avoid this site as I have not heard from any of the cast (Eric, Brian, Maggie) since this email. 

With all the projects he's done and brought to fandom, I can't believe others aren't out there with similar stories.  If you've gotten this far and would like to add your name and/or describe what he owes you... contact

Terry:  Andy, I wish you'd been up front with us.  I'm happy to help; disappointed that you've left a trail of good people smarting: good faith and wallet have been affected, in one case destroyed.  It wasn't necessary, was it?

I loaned him 6-7 vhs.  It's been several years now, I forget...  The funny thing is, I didn't give him EVERYTHING... ;)  So, if he was trying to purge the market to make way for the dvds... didn't work. 

Jim: in editing process.