Space Academy  

Loki    Loki is "everyone's mascot".*

The well named, Loki was discovered on a planetoid about to explode.  He is rescued by the Blue Team and Gampu and becomes a member of the Team and spends his time trying to understand this new universe he is thrust into.  His journey is aided by the accompaniment by his sidekick, Peepo. 

Loki needs guidance, which apparently, the Blue Team and Gampu provide.  His presence is a nice contrast to the aged Gampu.  Though smaller than his Blue Team counterparts, he could be easily underestimated.  His heart is a pure as the Academy's creed.

Touching moments occur as Loki asks about life and growing old, learning about responsibility (usually the hard way) while providing a lighthearted reminder to Space Academy students what it was like to be kid. 

Loki likes to laugh with his new friends.  But, he doesn't understand why his friends don't like him to play his Lyratron!

Gampu and Loki on the planet, Zalon.

"I'm ready to go with you, now."

Loki's character is more than pivotal in the story line for Space Academy.  He was the only real child in this children's television show.  In fact, Eric Greene's portrayal of Loki won him a Saturn Award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 1979 in the Best Juvenile Acting category.  Loki drew in the seven year old viewer watching the show and who understood the story line as Loki would see it, as well as, the twenty nine year old viewer who identified with the lad as his cute but pesky kid brother. 

But some questions never were explained: What was the meaning of the Amulet he wore around his neck?  How fast of a learner was this kid who was already taking Astrography courses?  Who taught him how to eat with utensils?  How to read?  How long did that take?  And, more importantly, who taught him to get into such mischief?

Loki and Peepo were quite a team and a terror when both were in a mischievous mood. That Peepo is truly the only presence his age on the show gives the Filmation writers a lot of material.  Unfortunately, they concentrated on the mischief created by two boys rather than the personal and private discoveries they could have made. 

The writers did have one universal moment when Loki, in Gampu's lap asks, "Is it fun being old?" in an attempt to understand this new environment with all the unique and complicated social skills he never had to contend with on Zalon.  Bringing all ages together in that one scene was so simple and easy but only Jonathan Harris and Eric Greene could make it look that way.  Perhaps it was this kind of interaction that would spark Eric to visit Mr. Harris at a convention twenty years later?

At the end of the fifteen episodes we know as much about Loki as we did at the very beginning.  We don't have a location for his home.  No one voices a question regarding his father's whereabouts.  We don't see or hear his Lyratron!  Loki's future isn't clear at the end of the season.  We don't know if he ever was anything other than the mascot for the team.  I'd just bet that if he knew he was "everyone's mascot" that he'd find a way to make more mischief-with or without the chimp or the robot!       

*  This is Loki's description from the card tag from the Loki Action Figure doll!  It is seen by his name in the upper right hand side.  

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